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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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london. keep it here. keep it here. >> hostages escape an egypt airplane that was hijacked and the hijacker gave himself protestors camped out for three days are given a deadline to disburse. an israeli soldier in court accused of shooting a wounded palestinian. another blow with brazil's beggest party set to quit her
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coalition. hello. cypress has arrested a man that hijacked a plane with 84 people onboard. the egypt afflict was on rout to the egyptian capitol on tuesday morning the flight usually takes about 30 minutes but shortly after take off, it veers north. the passenger has threatened the crew with what he said was a bomb, forcing the plane to land. the president says at the hijacking wasn't a terrorist act, and suggests it could be linked to his ex-wife. it raises more questions about security at egyptian airports months after a russian plane was blown up soon after it left killing all 224 onboard.
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hours after the crisis began, the final few are seen exiting the plane. one had to escape through the window, everyone else used the mobile stairs they were escorted off the tarmac by police, the hijacker is believed to be among them. they announced the peaceful resolution this is what we worked on from the very beginning. the hijack canning not be brands as an act of terrorism. the hijacker is now in police custody. >> where it was diverted in sigh press.
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at some point the hijacker demanded to meet with a representative, and other points he demanded to depart from the airport and head to another investigation. he raised no specific demands. >> also in dispute is whether the hijacker was armed. from the search of the aircraft, no explosives were found, not on the 59-year-old suspect nor on the aircraft itself. the specific person has been arrested it has been questioned and we expect that tomorrow he will be led to the court for inindictment.
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and the captain will do what he sold. as the hijacker raising more questions about egypt's aviation security. will be released in due cause, for now it is marking a small victory, the release of everyone onboard egypt air flight 181. it is all quiet at the end of the runway. that no explosives were found either on the hijacker or the
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80 itself. the airport is approaching normal operations. some who had been waiting here waiting to finally complete that journey, and make their way to cairo. this was a criminal act, it doesn't appear to be an act of terror, and the man involved will face court and likely charge on wednesday. they say the authorities here that they did everything by the book, putting the safety of those ate one people onboard the aircraft as their highest priority. simply the crew of the flight had to act. whether they believed this was a genuine belt or not, as if it were a real clear threat to the safety of the people on board the aircraft. it was a terrifying few hours for all of them. most of will it be about the
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motives they will exam exact hi the contents that was thrown out that may have been key to the decision to do what he did. >> in the any shut archaeological site. the head of the intick witties says the technical team after spending two days in the town. so they couldn't reach some areas pause of hundreds of mines that were left. the u.s. is ordered the families of diplomates to leave parts of southern turkey. fell 10% in february, and the biggest drop in tourism in a decade comes after a suicide
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bomber killed 12 winter in istanbul and one in ankara. police and refugees have clashed after thousands ignores instructions to move to organizers. they demanded that the border be reopened. often israeli shoulder is shooted the wounded palestinian in the head. just forced condemnation around the word. they take us through the sequence of events that they captured on camera. it stopped moments after they
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stabbed an israeli soldier. and is laying on the drowned. fast forward and a second soldier appears to be speaking to a soldier. he makes his way to a colleague and they appear to have a confers. and about five seconds later he shoots him many the head. instantly killing him. >> this was the most violent. >> he lived here sur rounded by settlers. his home has been fire bombed and his front door has been shot at. he says every member of his family has been harassed in an attempt to get them to leave their home. and now new threats after the publication of his video. but he says documented life under israeli occupation is what his struggle is about.
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>> i hope that will achieve the scope, i hope the peace camp will prevail and deal wisely with the punishing of this shoulder she wants her younger brothers to get out, the soldiers is asking about our car parked outside who does not want us to be here. >> he tells us if we don't leave we will be arrested it seems the video was published the army doesn't want anyone here. the israeli soldier who shot him is being investigated for murder which in itself is rare. and has led to a outcry that holds the army in high regard. the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process has condemned what it calls an judicial execution, calling it immoral and unjust. many the occupied west banks.
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in a new report, it says in the past year, 934 children have been killed and more than 1300 injured it's also estimated that nearly 6 million people live in poverty, and nearly 10 million require humanitarian aid. said the problem won't be solved unless the conflict ends. the channel is not delivering the assistance. the challenge is that the a.s of people that need assistance is so big, that it just isn't possible to cover that, the only way we will be able to solve this is if there's an end to the conflict, people are suffering because they are blown up, killed, injured in bombing they are terrified as a result of the conflict, they are suffering because of
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the impact on the health system, the estimated 10,000 children will have died and because of that prominent chinese newspaper has resigned in protest against media censorship. worked for the southern metropolis daily, he posted his resignation letter on line, criticizing the tight control of the press last month the president tours outlets demanding absolutely loyalty from the media his parting words on his waiver account basically said i can't stand it any more, he said i can no longer follow the communist party and go down on my knees that is very very sect, very blunt, and it is a measure of the push pack you are seeing by a certain number of brave journalists who aren't prepared to
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tolerate the current crack down on media, of course this is china there's only so mush they can do. we have to see in this overall context. we have had 20 people who have disappeared as the police continue for the a tor of an anonymous letter that appears on the chinese waiver calling on the country's president to resign. the hunt for the author is intensifying. regards the media as a tool of the government. it is very important that he controls the media. >> tens of millions of dollars worth of vaccine goss missing in china we tell you ply there's a risk to patient safety.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts,
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beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. worn by an egyptian man did not contain explosives. all passengers and crew were freed unharmed. syrian officials say they have removed 150 bombs planted be i the islamic state of levant in ancient orbing logical site since they recaptured the city on sunday. and an editor at a prominent chinese newspaper has resigned in protest. he demanded absolutely
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loyalty from state media. more on our main story now. onboard the egypt air flight at the time of the hijacking. i asked her what the most scary moment was. >> it was the moment when i knew it was hi jacked and we were above the sea. i felt like he will either bomb the plane, or he will just demand that we land in the sea, or just keep on flying until there's no fuel. so i just had several scenarios on my mind, trying to figure out what could happen and i was trying to make peace with it. i was horrified. and we took off normally, like normal, nothing was weird. maybe after a while everyone noticed that we should have landed and we haven't landed yet, and then i was looking out the window, and i saw the sea. so it was weird to see the sea. and then we noticed there was
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something wrong, but nobody imagined that it could be that kind of thing. so then a crew passed by and collects all the passports without saying any reason. and that they cannot say anything more, they just immediate passports, i think about now 45 minutes later one of the cabin crew members just told us that we had been hijacked. and that was it. they didn't say anything else. they didn't say by whom, or what demands are, or where we are heading, just flying above the sea, and that was it. a campaign manager where he allegedly grabbed a female reporter. he has been charged with simple battery for intentionally grabbing and bruising the arm of journalist michelle fields. this took place at a campaign event for trump the 8th.
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how serious is this? >> well, it won't result in an lengthy prison sentence, but it is disconcerting that the campaign manager is facing a charge of misdemeanor battery. under florida law, the bar is pretty low, but it suggests if you intentionally lay on your hands on someone, and it is not wanted then you have committed battery. the legal limit is a year, but he is a man of good character with no previous convictions. and of course is a former new hampshire police officer. but he is of course insisting that he is innocent. this all relates back to an innocent at a trump event that a reporter said she was asking donald trump a question about affirmative action, and at that point she felt a hand on her arm and i can't recollecting her back quite forcefully almost to the drowned. she said she had a number of
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witnesses. and afterwards he denied he even met the reporter, in fact said that she was dill lewissal. now he was invited to a police station in florida just after 8:00 this morning. and he was charged with that assault. donald trump himself has tweeted in the last hour, saying that he is a good man, and if you look at the case, there is nothing there. but of course, he will now appear in court, in may. he says he will plead not guilty, perhaps one line of defense may well be that he felt that posed some sort of threat to donald trump who at that point, remember, and still does, have secret service protection. and is that is why he proud her back, but if you look a it is video, you can see that she is walking alongside donald trump. she stops fairly abruptly, and seems to be pulled back some distance, so it will be
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interesting to see how this panned out. another indent in which has been an incredible election race, and another incident where donald trump is yet again at the center. >> allen fisher, thank you. >> police in pakistan have arrested more than 200 people, and questioned more than 5,000. the arrests come as the army launched a military crack down. promising to statute out such attacks. the faction of the pakistan taliban says it carried out the attack was targeting christians but most of the victims were muslims. the device went off near a children's play area elsewhere in pakistan, around 5,000 security forces are preparing to remove protestors that staged a sit in on the capitol. several thousands have been camped at the main avenue, close to key government buildings since sunday and supporters have executed who
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was hung on february the 29th r over his called for blahs my reform. who joins us live now, so are these protestors accepting the deadline to move, or do you think they are trying to stay on? >> well, the government has given them a two hour deadline, which has already passed, now, in the last ditch effort, two senior critics have been sent by the government to try and see if there's still a way out with a negotiated settlement to try to get this crowd disbursed without the use of force. however, at the same time, as you mentioned about 5,000 to 7,000 security forces and personnel are on the ready and about to move in. if the negotiations fail. now importantly, when these people first came into town, they were over 10,000 strong.
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now we are told there's about 800 to 1,000 at the max. so it won't be a problem for the security forces to be able to disburse them. however, last minute efforts as i mentioned are underway, and it will be important to see whether those talks do yield any results. >> tell us about the arrests and how the government is proceeding in that area compared to other areas in pakistan when they do bring in the military? >> well, what the military decided oven the day of attack, which was on sunday easter that prompted the them to go into a high level meet canning was decided that the operation would be extended to the province. since then, there have been a number of operations many several cities and as you
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mentioned earlier, over 5,000 people were detained we are told about 5,000 of them were cleared. 250 are still under detention. the pair military forces under the new operation will have sweeping powers to arrest anybody and interrogate anybody. the specific job will go to hide outs for militants who may be in a particular area, but these will be intelligence backed operations so it won't be guns and artillery, and tampings, but targeted operations across. thank you very much indeed for the update there. >> brazil tourism minister has resigned in what is being seen as another blow for the president. the minister is the first prominent member of the party to step down.
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is becoming involved in corruption allegations and claimed that she manipulated economic information. all of which she denied. more on what she is facing. >> this is really a decisive day as you will find out what kind of chance she has to fight these charges. the democratic movement party is only one of 25 different political parties that make up congress, however, it is the big nest all of brazil, and it's been a loyal ally, up to the last years since she has been president, and they control this particular party, 69 seats in congress, meaning if this party breaks away which all indications are they most likely will, that would mean it would be very difficult for her to keep the coalition in congress she needs to fight back against these impeachment charges.
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so it is a very difficult situation. her and her advisors are literally counting votes. they need 171 to block impeachment. they think they barely have that. if they lose this it will that much more difficult for them. >> the world health organization has urged china to strengthen vaccine security. it comes after $48 million of illegal vaccines were sold to hospitals and meddle cacenters. lawrence louie has the latest. >> when news of a scandal involving the illegal sales of vaccines broke, people here were worried and angry. the case has concerned over food and drug safety. something that has long been an issue in china. now police say the vaccines were all made by license producers, but because they were not stored properly, the
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effectiveness could have been compromised. to reassure parents health officials and even the world health organization issues statements say the vaccines are unlikely to cause adverse toxic effects. the world health organization says the greatest danger is in parents using confidence in immunization schemes and there by declining to have their children vaccinates. it also shows that this case has exposed weaknesses in the vaccines. >> there are vaccines are in the private sector mean to be managed, scored distributed, and used in accordance with recognized standards. the organizations has urged
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all countries to lift any ebola restrictions on travel and trade with guinea, liberia, is syria leyon. he was detained in november, and is currently in france medical treatment, he flew there just days before the march 20th run off vote, which the president won comfort my. took the money from the account at the fed in new york earlier this month. reports philippine senators believe this man has always the answers. >> i have been accused of many things and i am here to fell the truth.
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>> he sat in front of politician to explain himself. he knows how hundreds of millions of dollars, he says he has no knowledge, but admits handling the money after it was transferred and he has named two others that are the real cuprite. >> nationals are big players, they are the ones behind the scam. >> it all began last month when hackers tried to steal nearly $1 billion. they managed to penetrate the federal reserve bank in new york. investigators say $21 million of that can be traced to kim. the case has revealed a weak system in the philippines may
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have left the banking industry open to money laundering. he is a director of one of the country's largest companies he says banks and wire transfer companies are not at liberty to disclose details without a court order. >> one of the most important things is to allow the central bank, and money launders console to be able to look into the accounts. the state bank has launched an inquiry into how it's security failed the government, has resigned. the bank has chained internal procedures. senators snow this is a complicated scandal that covered three continents and say they don't have all the answers yes. the philippines is not the biggest economy in asian pacific, but it has seen growth and increased nflment in current years and says it would like that to continue, but countries accused of
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money laundering can often be blacklisted on the money market. so cases like this can damage the reputation of philippines and give cause to potential investors to reconsider their future plans. al jazeera, manila. >> more for you on our website, donald trump campaign manager is now facing patry charges opinion an incident involving a reporter. another split decision, the supreme court rules on a close watch labor union case. president obama layed out a new plan to combat drug addition in the u.s. and the hijacker of an egypt air jet is in custody, and officials look to learn his motive.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. donald trump campaign manager has been charged with battering. the charge stemmed frommance incident earlier this month, where a reporter accused him of grabbing her by the arm as she tried to ask trump a question. michelle fields says her arm was left with a bruise after that. his attorney says that his client will enter a plea of not guilty, and is completely confident he will be exonerated. donald trump said this, he is innocent of this charge, he will enter a plea of not guilty, and looks forward to his day in court. he is completely confident he will be exonerated. trump later added on twitter, of course, wow, my campaign manager in a very decent man was just charged with assaulting a effort arer, look at the tapes nothing there. our political correspondent
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joins us. >> michael, what is the significance of a campaign manager at this stage in the game being charged criminally? >> yeah, it cannot be significant, listen, if it was any other politician, any other presidential candidate, and any other year, the campaign manager would have by now resigned or been fired. but that's not the case with donald trump, or the case with donald trump campaign. which is paul ryan's hometown, which is also the place where donald trump will be making an appearance this afternoon at a rally for his campaign, so we will see if there's any addressing of this issue, but you know donald trump has made a by point of pointing out the fact that ted cruz is a liar, even calling him regularly lions head. right now his campaign manager who has denied this all the way has had those refuted by video, and that's the big thing for a campaign to have to deal with, this is not something he is asked
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about constantly already, lit happen a lot now, so they have to dispense with him, or have to answer the questions. >> tell us more about this incident, as you said, there is tape of what happened, the reporter says she was injured tell us more about it. >> well, what happened is they were leaving an event that palm beach, and michelle fields who is at that time worked said she was pulled down. there were hundreds of people there, the campaign denied it. no i saw it happened and he was the only one for a while. it looked and they looked and finally tape came out surveillance tape from a bathroom there showing that, in fact, it did happen. that that's what brought them to request him to turn himself in this, which he did today. in palm beach county, and now he has retained two lawyers one of whom, ironically, his name is kyle copy, a former u.s. attorney from miami, who had to give up highspot as
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u.s. attorney back in the clinton administration for allegedly buying a stripner a strip club. not exactly the lawyer he would have wanted to hire. >> okay, all right. so let's talk about the tactics that have been used at the rallies and videos where ehave seen. do you think that as a result of something like this, now to a criminal level, that this is going to change tactics at the rally? >> that's a great question. you know, after -- when we saw this happen, a lot of people thought well, this is bound to happen. because of the violence, because of the protests, because of the heightened tensions at these trump events. people thought this would happen. what would have changed i don't know. the campaign is denying it. after saying that was alleged he came out with a tweet, directly after this, and in that tweet after this
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happened he said of michelle fields you are totally delusional, i have never touched you, in fact i have never met you. when that was sent, they thought okay, this is the campaign distancing himself at the violence when those things were happening with greater regularity, now it begs to question. is this a product of the kind of campaign and the kind of people that are coming to the events. and people are going to be looking at it now with greater intensity. >> i want to talk ache something you just said, in that tweet he called her dill lewis mall, and said i never touched you, there is clearly video that he did. how does that play into and accusations of ma soldierny, you are calling a woman dill lewissal, when you clearly did touch her. >> absolutely. and the honesty of his
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opponents and that comes into question as well. when you see something like this, you say listen, this is just consist with the type of rhetoric from the campaign, and also inconsistent with what he is calling on his opponents and how he is calling on them to behave. and it is -- i would say with your last question is the number one question about what will come from this mire cam shore, thank you very much. and as michael mentioned donald trump is holding a rally in wisconsin later today. authorities are promising extra security following an anty trump rally last night. six were arrests. police plan to have three times the number of normal officers out from today's events. we are a week away from the wisconsin primary. heather scott walker announced this morning he is backing ted cruz. >> absolutely.
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a lot of thought and prayer about this, all these years of the obama clinton failures it is time we elect a strong new leader, and i have chosen to endorse ted cruz. >> he says he like that cruz is not afraid to take on special interests in washington, he also says that he feels he has the best chance to win the general election. president obama's choice will sit down for the first time with a senator republican today. he is meeting with judge marry rett garland. he ranks with his parties leadership and calling for a senate vote on the nomination, and it is agreeing to meet garland. he is facing a re-election channel in november for the seat once held by president obama. the supreme ruled a short time ago on a closely watched case out of california. the justices announced they were divided over unions can collect dues from nonunion
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members. the latest example of how the death of justice anthony scalia is effecting cases. give us sore me details about this decision? >> this is a case involving the california teachers union, they and many other unions are allowed to collect fair share dues so even if you don't want to join the union, you so to pay dues because they are me goshuating on your half. well, a number of teachers sues says this violated their first amendment right, when the court heard the case, there were protests outside on both sides of very strongly held concern on both sides of this issue. and the courts issued a split decision, it was a very simple one page decision they said the judgement is affirmed by an equally divided court. that's it.
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there is no precedent set, and the lower court ruling which found that unions could collect these fair share dues that rule willing now stand. >> so what does this decision mean for unions and teach evers? >> it is really a huge victory for unions. not just for teacher unions but public employees in general. the head of the n.e.a., issued a statement saying in freed rick, the court saw through the political attacks on the place of educators and other public employees. this decision recognizing that stripping public employees of their voices in the workplace is no what our country needs. on the other side, represented those sue hog didn't want to pay these dues that group now says look, this is too important of a decision to leave 4-4, in fact, we will petition the supreme court for a rehearing.
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and semplely, even though this sets no national precedent, there are about 20 states in the country, more than 20, that allow for these fair share dues they will be able to continue to do that, and in fact, rachelle, if it had gone the other way, unions say they would have been decimated. >> lisa, thank you very much. north carolina attorney general says he will not defend a controversy new state law that critics say discriminates against lgbt people. part of that stops transgender people from using restrooms. the state attorney general rye cooper was named in that case. he is a democrat zych says he opposed the law and wants it repealed. president obama headed to atlanta for the national drug abuse summit. they will discuss combating a grower epidemic, and the largest national collaboration of professionals on every level
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with the state and federal. robert ray is in atlanta, robert, tell us more about this, what do you expect? >> rachelle, good afternoon. pardon me for my lower voice btu surgeon general is speaking to this crowd right now. president obama should be here momentarily, and he is expected to speak in the next hour. in a under are table discussion, moderating by dr. . the reason why president obama is here is to speak to these professionals, these advocates people that want prescription drug changes in the united states, because of the epidemic. drug overdose hit a record in 2014 with nearly 29,000 people dieing and the president of the united states today will talk about his expanded addiction treatment programs that he is proposing. that will increase mental healthcare coverage, and how do you pay for this, well, he is proposed a $1.1 billion to get the word out and to make this epidemic better.
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also 60 different medical schools said they are going to enhance their programs and make training for open yesterday prescription drugs a bigger priority. so this is a major function. this is the fifth year this conference has been held. and we just lost our signal there. vice president biden is speaking about aimed at finding a cure for cancer. of course his son, beau, dies of cancer last may. since then he has been vocal about the need for further research. new details about the man that hijacked an egypt plane today. including information about a letter he wanted deliver to his ex-wife. plus cracking the code.
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the i-phone, without apple's help.
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>> al jazeera america, proud to give voice to the voiceless. >> we are creating a class of adults exposed to mediocre education. >> there's bad people out there in these sports. >> we call chicago "chiraq" because we have more killers than iraq. >> in order to save my children, i had to try to save everyone else's. >> i had to encourage them... to tell them, there's a better way. >> i have to do my one hundred percent best so i don't end up in a place like this again.
1:45 pm
>> you have kids here who've killed someone? >> yes we do. >> my homie got shot five times. >> have you ever seen anybody get shot? >> highlighting threats to children around the world. >> it's very difficult for us. we don't have clothes, we don't have food. >> in terms of child labor, myanmar is ranked one of the worst in the world. >> do you make anything that ends up in walmart? >> yes. >> this is where a lot of america's clothes come from, and it's a reality many companies don't want us to see. >> shelee, how old are you? >> 12 years old. >> shelee, do you go to school? >> i used to. >> the shells exploded right in the middle of the room. you have to remember that this was a school and the blackboard still has a lesson plan on it. >> this is imagery and scars impacting scores of children across gaza. >> pernilla ironside and unicef sponsor therapy for children who have lost a parent or a home. 10 year old ibrahim nasser lost both. thanks to the exercises, ibrahim can look forward. >> can you tell me what you want to be when you grow up? >> a doctor. >> why do you want to be
1:46 pm
a doctor? >> to heal the wounded. >> al jazeera america - proud to tell your stories. hijacked an air jet is now in custody. the hijacker who is an egyptian national initially claimed to be wearing a suicide belt, but authorities now say it was a fake. and no ebbs plows is on board. he also spent the first three hours of this six hour ordeal demanding to speak to his ex-wife. he then threw a letter on the tarmac demanding it be delivered to her. >> hours after the crisis began, the final few hostages are seen exiting the hijacks plane one escaped through the cockpit window everybody else used the stairs. the hijacker is believed to be among them.
1:47 pm
egypt's minister of civil aviation aunderstand nod the peaceful resident lewis. all the passengers along with the crew are released. they are now safe. this is what we work on at any cost from the beginning. the hijacking cannot be brands an act of terrorism. all fact facts are now being looked at. >> egypt air flight 181 was flying from alexandria to cairo when it was diverted in cypress. the hijacker has claimed he was wearing an explosive belt, security teams could not verify this, but were treating it as a credible threat. >> this is striking at the heart of the whole system of aviation security. faith in the security system has been destroyed. the regime we are in now, is that anybody if there is no faith in security, anybody can make such a claim many the future.
1:48 pm
and the captain will do what he is told. >> egypt's government says details of the investigation will be released in due course, but now it is marking a small victory the release of everyone onboard egypt air flight 181. at al jazeera. >> authorities are turning to the fbi for help in examining hard drives and cell phones seized following the brussellsed is attack. the officials have gathered the devices from both suspects and their relatives in raids following the attacks. one of the relatives hair and clothe tests positive for explosives. investigators are hoping that phones and hard drives will shed light on the growing terror net work. crews today will run security at the airport, it is still not open for passengers. authorities are still looking for the so called man in the hat, seen walking at the airport long side two of the bombers be ever the blast.
1:49 pm
the f.b.i. says it is now analyze it is data inside the i-phone that longed to one of the san bernideno shooters. investigators say they were unable to lock the phone without help from apple. the justice department is now dropping the case against the company. al jazeera has more from san francisco. >> well, this is the end of a long and bitter court battle. other the past few weeks we have seen anle and the fbi posturing in public, but now suddenly the fbi says it dud not need apples help, it has access the i-phone and does not need the company's assistance. the idea here is the technical observers have suggested this is probably a matter of having copied the contents of the flash drive off of the phone and then sort of rewriting it back in, like loading a saved video game, when you get to a part that is too hard, and you keep dying you reload
1:50 pm
that point. some sort of concept like that, now to security analysts this is not good news. it is a sign that the government has figured out how to do somethingle that apple otherwise was supposedly the only institution that could do, and so the security vulnerability of that phone sort of is a shakes people's confidence in h it. but that said, it is important to understand this is not the end of this court battle or of any court battle around this kind of issue. there are at least half a dozen other cases, in which the justice department is in some way applying to apple for help in unlocking an i-phone that is being used as evidence in many a case of some sort. as an investigative avenue, so this phone, was one of the last sort of vulnerable phones, that was put out will release just before apple had wildly upgraded the regime, stuff that even it the company that created the product cannot break into the
1:51 pm
phone once it is out in the wild. the phone that i carry, probably you carry, those are vastly improved in terms of security. so apple will need to have -- the fbi or anyone applying to apple for help with this will need that company's help to break into any kind of newer phone. so even though this court case has ended in this way, it is undoubtly the case that you will see more court cases coming up in the future with this exact kind of argument, and that's why both anle and the fbi, the lawmakers have stepped in and figured out what rules we should live by when it come to this. >> reporting from san francisco. apple c.e.o. released a statement saying this. this case should never have been brought, apple believes deeply that people in h the united states and around the world deserve data protection. security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other, only puts people at greater risk. a mississippi woman is due in court today accused of planning to join isil.
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officials say she will plead guilty. she is a former mississippi state chemistry student. she and more fiance were arrested last august officials say they plan to travel to syria to join isil. the fiance pleaded guilty earlier this month, but he has not been sentenced yet. the earthquake risk is now in high in oklahoma as it is in california. a danger threatening millions of americans.
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officials in alaska say there is no threat to the public from one of the most active volcanos. a hour ash cloud into the sky, and that, of course, alaska airline to cancel near by flights. it hopes they decide today whether to resume flights the volcano is located on a remote peninsula. their increase worry that the hunt for oil and natural gas may be making it worse al jazeera has more. >> the u.s. gee logical survey says that the eastern and southern parts of california bay area remain at high risk for a major earthquake the most likely scenario on the hayward foul. >> but several states in the central part of the country
1:55 pm
will also at a significant risk. it worries in colorado, oklahoma, texas, arkansas, in a.m. and kansas. oklahoma had more earthquakes than california did it is a 5.1 quake in january everything was coming off the shale. it was scary. >> but while california's quakes are natural, these others are believed to be man made. the u.s.g.s. says the process called hydraulic fracturing or fracking is to blame. to get oil and gas out of the ground, companies have been pumping large amounts of water in, all that waste water causes faults to slip. >> it just pushes the faults
1:56 pm
apart. >> accord dog the new happens 7 million americans are at risk with oklahoma and texas in the greatest danger so far the earthquakes in those states haven't led to any debts major injuries or major property dam but sontieses predict it is only a matter of time. >> i think people's lives and property is at stake and in a lot of ways the legis matsy of government is at stake. >> work is now moving forward on a plan to expand shipping channels at port everglades. that port sits in a rare corral reef. why environments worry that plan can cause serious damage. >> beneath south florida's watt h waters this horrified divers. rare corral so covered many dirt, kit be brushed away. but these reefs means death
1:57 pm
much of it caused by a massive construction project, about vests worry the government will soon repeat. >> i was shocks and disgusts we can't let the same thing happen here. >> granderson of famed explorer jack accuse toe is joining those criticizing the army core of engineers. activists say safeguards meant to protect the environment failed. endangers reefs were lost. now with with that project done they plan to repeat the work. >> clearly the plan in miami was broken. you can't assume it makes sense to repeat it it is folly to say the least. >> the $400 million project is needed to container ships can dock at one of the busiest ports.
1:58 pm
essential they say to protect businesses and jobs. 150 miles of rare corral hugging the coast, one of the world's largest reef ecoe. l systems and the only one of it's kind in the u.s. a treasure the core saying it is pain stakingly trying to protect. >> we have learned a lot with the project we have south of us we have been studying this for 18 years and we have worked long and hard to develop a plan that balances economic development also with protection of the environment. in miami only a few hundred pieces of corral were moved now the core will spend millions to relocate by hand more than 11,000. five acres of artificial reefs will also be built, and the core says crews will be more careful dredging rest
1:59 pm
assured we are turning over every stone to find out any invasion and the best send out there to make the best decision for the environment. >> the environmentalists want more assurances and studying before work begins next year toenail sure a natural dress sure will be protects and the lessons of the past have been learns. al jazeera, miami. >> in protests of donald trump. so stay with me now. crafted a beer called a short fingered stout. yes, that is a reference to the on going teasing of trump over the size of his hands. the under toker described it this way, a bitter and delusional stout with an airy light colored head atop a so so body. he said he created it as a toast to free speech and democracy. thank you for joining us, the news continues next, live from london, keep it here.
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this is al jazeera. >> this is the news hour live from london, coming up. the hijacking of an egypt airplane ends with hostages escaping faces another blow with brazil's biggest party looking set to quit the coalition. and donald trump campaign manager is charged with assaulting a journalist.